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Daniel Stoner and Kushal Davé are a group of Pittsburgh, PA based attorneys that focus in many areas of law, including business, real estate, personal injury, and more. We originally met Dan Stoner at a networking event in Pittsburgh, and began helping them run an online advertising campaign for their old website. The campaign turned out well, so Stoner and Davé decided to come back to us to help update their existing website to a more modern, mobile friendly design. As part of this redesign, we also had the privilege of creating a whole new logo for their business.

This new website is built around the WordPress platform, making it easy for Stoner and Davé to make updates to their site. It’s also wired up to Google Analytics and Adwords for conversion tracking, making it a great tool for tracking the success of their online efforts. This new site is mobile friendly and has a design that looks good and works well on any device. This site also has a blog maintained by Stoner and Davé to help their online marketing efforts even more.

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