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Your Business is Unique.
Your Brand Should Be Too.

When you look at any successful business, the first thing you usually notice is their brand identity. This includes everything about the company – logo, colors, look and feel, advertising methods, etc. Brand identity, or branding, is very important to help potential customers pick you out of a sea of competition. It’s a lot more than making a stunning logo and making everything match. Branding is the art of making your business’s visual identity work as a whole. Whether you’re looking to create a new brand identity or have existing material you’d like to expand on, Thought Space Designs is here to lend a helping hand.

Fresh Brands, Made From Scratch

The first step to success with your business is getting your name out and being seen. What better way to do this than to create a unified, memorable brand for yourself? If you don’t have a logo, or you’re looking for unified marketing material, Thought Space Designs is your one stop shop. Many business come to us with no graphic identity whatsoever. We can create a beautiful graphic package from the ground up tailored to your business in order to garner the attention of your potential clients. We work with you every step of the way to make sure your business looks it’s best.

Our goal is to give your business a look and feel that portrays your goal or mission. Nowadays, everything is about simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability. Your brand should give consumers an idea of what your business is without them having to read deeper. We make sure your brand does just that, while still being unified and cutting edge.

Great Brands Are Like a Puzzle

It’s important to remember that every part of your business’s visual identity plays a part in your brand. If you use a certain style on your website and a different style for your business cards, people are going to get confused. Each piece of material should be unified and related to form an all encompassing brand. This doesn’t mean they all have to look the same, they just need to go together in a theme. There are a few main parts of your brand identity that we focus on in branding packages, but we can work with you to create any type of material that matches anything you already have as well. Some of the items we work with in order to unify a brand are:

By creating a unified image for your business, you create a lasting visual impression on your clients.  By simply seeing your design or colors, your customers will instantly relate your advertising material to your business.  When you have a unified, clean design for every part of your business, customers are more likely to trust you and thus purchase from you.  The strength of a unified brand is great, and can make the difference between a successful business and a costly investment.

If you are interested in working with us to build or expand your business’s brand identity, you can get in touch with us using any of the means on our Contact Page.

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