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Having a Great Logo Design Can Make All The Difference.

Your logo is the forefront of your business. It “sets the mood”, and it gives people an idea of what your business is all about at a single glance. Further inspection of a logo should tell a story and tie the name into the company’s purpose. Your logo should be memorable, unique, and able to stand on its own. We strive to bring you industry leading, creative logo designs that fit your business in every way. We stay up to date with the latest trends and will assess how they can work with your unique case to keep your business looking current. Get in touch to get yours today¬†or visit our pricing page for pricing info.

What Makes a Good Logo, Well… Good?

A good logo consists of many elements that all play a huge part in creating a lasting impression on your customers. Font choices can say a lot about your business based on how the font style is recognized to the general public. Colors speak volumes about the general mood and goal of your business. Shape, texture, lighting, and more all play a factor in accurately representing your business. We take all of this into account when working with you to make sure your logo looks amazing, and functions even better. We also consider the use of imagery versus text based logo designs and how they can impact your customers’ views of your brand.

Designing a Logo is a Process.

When designing a logo, there’s more to the process than just throwing together some elements that look good with your business name. At Thought Space, we take care to get to know your company and your vision for its brand identity. We follow a standard 3 step process for designing our logos, which is:

Logo design process graphic

Client Discovery

During the Client Discovery phase, we will gather information from you to find out what you’re looking to say about your business. This crucial step allows us to better understand your goals and vision for your business, moving forward.

Concept Development

In the Concept Development phase, we will use the information gathered from the Client Discovery phase to come up with a few solid concepts. These concepts are rough sketches or drafts that the client can use to let us know if we’re headed in the right direction.

Refining Ideas

Once one of those concepts is chosen, we move on to the final Refining Ideas phase. This is where we turn the rough concept into a stunning, finalized logo! We work through several revisions based on tweaking the chosen concept until it fits your vision perfectly.


The 4th and final step of our logo design process is Finalization. In this phase, we make sure the newly developed logo is spot-on. Checking for typos and other errors is a key focus during this step to ensure your logo is delivered looking absolutely perfect.

So, How Do I Get Mine?

If you’re ready to get started and make the logo of your dreams, head on over to our contact page and get in touch for more information. Worried about cost? Have no fear – we strive to provide great quality at affordable prices for businesses of all sizes. Check out our pricing page to learn more about how much our services cost.

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