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Design Inspiration

First impressions are extremely important when it comes to advertising for your business, and the most common first impression is your business card. Having a nice card is the first step to gaining potential clients. Your card says a lot about you, but most importantly it shows how much effort and care you’ve put into your business. When you give someone your business card it should be interesting to look at. This will compel them to show it to their friends and family, and you’ve just been introduced to that many more people. If your cards are feeling a little too bland or generic, have a look at this gallery of 21 unique, eye-catching business cards for inspiration. They cover some of the many ways to make a business card more interesting including:

  • Thicker or unique paper types
  • Raised Ink and Letterpress
  • Spot Gloss or Metallics
  • Unique or unusual shapes

Jurgos-Kreamika-Business-Card-l Peat-Moss-Business-Cards-l Sliced-Bread-Business-Cards-l Strogoff-Business-Cards-l TreehouseBete-business-cards-l Carrie-Wong-Business-Card-l JHP-Business-Cards-l Prerna-Mehra-Business-Card-l Sumaya-Mahadevan-Business-Card-lSunglasses-Card-Design-l11 Self-Promotion-Sneak-l Pixelo-Business-Card-l Mors-Business-Cards-l Metal-Photographer-Cards-l Mariposa-Studio-Business-Card-l Cool-Clapperboard-Design-l

Angie Silvy Photo Business Card 360 Business Card Riffle Business Card Sample Unbranded Business Card

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