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Most modern websites are built on base platforms called Content Management Systems (CMS). These basic platforms were created to make managing websites easier, and reduce the amount of time the average site owner spends in the code. If you’ve ever even seen the coding underbelly of a website, or even had to try to change something in it, you understand that it can be very intimidating and confusing. CMSs provide an extremely user friendly administrator “backend” to assist in managing the content of your website with absolutely no coding knowledge. Long gone are the days when you have to dig through code files to change a few words on your site, or call up your developer to do it for you!

What Can I Update With a CMS?

Keeping your website’s content fresh is very important for presenting yourself to your users and potential customers. You’ll want to be able to change photos for advertising new products/services, team pages for your staff if they ever change, or pricing is your costs go up or down. These are just some basic examples of content that you may want to update on your website, and having a CMS will make all of this very easy to do.

The administrator backend to any CMS lets you view and update the content of your site without looking at code. If you know how to use programs like Microsoft Word, then you’ll feel right at home in the backend of a CMS. Pages are updated using “WYSIWYG” editors, which stands for “What You See Is What You Get”. Like the name suggests, what you see and type into the editor is what will be displayed on the front end of your site. You just type into the boxes, change some styles with easy to understand buttons, and publish your changes to the site!

If you ever want to change the design and layout of your site, it’s very easy to transfer your content and data into a new design with a CMS. Many have an import/export feature that allows you to move your content around quickly and easily. Here at Thought Space, we primarily use WordPress as our CMS of choice. All of our client sites to date have been built on WordPress and we’ve worked with clients with all kinds of businesses and web design needs.

WordPress? Isn’t that a blogging site?

As of March of 2012, it was reported that over 72.4 million websites were powered by the WordPress platform… And that number hasn’t stopped growing! WordPress accounts for over 53% of the market share compared to other content management systems and it was estimated in 2011 that around 20-25% of all published websites on the internet were built using the WordPress platform.

That’s a lot of websites! Those impressive statistics are why we choose to build all of our websites on WordPress. The wide spread acceptance of the platform, along with the wealth of information available on the web for it, makes WordPress perfect for pretty much any project. Even when we’re done building your website, there is no limit to how much it can be expanded and customized to fit your businesses needs. Whether you decide to come back to us to update and make changes or hire an in-house developer to manage it, WordPress is so widely known that it will be easy to find someone experienced to keep your site in top shape!

Powerful Plugins

The other benefit of WordPress is the vast expanse of plugins available for expanding the base platform. WordPress plugins can be used to turn this basic blogging system into anything from an eCommerce giant to a social media platform with millions of users – and everything in between. Plugins are also available for keeping your website backed up in case of emergency, or optimized for faster load times and better user experience.

No matter what your website project entails, having it built on a CMS will make it much easier to manage once the site is live and launched. Having the ability to keep your website updated with fresh content means that your website becomes a huge part of your business’s marketing strategy.

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