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Thought Space Updates

I’ll admit, we’ve been making design convoluted.

Up until this point, all of our projects have been based around an hourly pricing structure. We liked the transparency that was provided by offering an hourly rate. We thought that our clients liked the transparency too. It turns out we were completely wrong, and with the new year comes a new Thought Space.

While hourly rates can provide transparency, they also introduce a level of uncertainty. Let’s face it, nobody wants to purchase an item that could cost anywhere between 1500-2500. When spending that much, it’s important to know the exact cost up front.

The web is a constantly evolving platform, and what’s considered good practice today could be outdated by next month. When developing a website, new tools, platforms, and technologies are introduced all the time that can greatly alter the amount of time it takes to create a site. Even with graphic design, the programs we use are constantly being updated to improve and alter our workflow.

We don’t think you should have to fall victim to the world of web technologies. We’ve introduced our fixed rate structure in an attempt to protect you (the buyer) from this rapid evolution. Your website’s cost shouldn’t change just because we used a different tool for the job, and we respect that.

So what are our new rates like?

Our projects are now going to be charged based solely on the level of functionality and design that you require. Your needs will determine your project’s cost. If you want to get a ball park idea of what our projects normally cost, you can go check out our pricing page for more information.

What about maintenance?

Great question! All site maintenance and updates are still going to be billed hourly, as these services depend entirely on what needs taken care of. Our hourly rate for 2014 will be increasing to $50.00.

Ready to get yours?

If you’re ready to try a new Thought Space website on for size, feel free to get in touch with us via any of the methods on our contact page, and we’ll gather some more information about your needs and provide you with a cost for your project. We’re looking forward to helping you refine your business’s advertising!

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