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Google, the world’s favorite search engine, has recently decided that it’s going to put an end to annoying mobile pop up ads. We’ve all been there, you pull out your phone and search for something, let’s say “How to train my pet turtle to roll over”. You click on the first or second result probably for some small pet training blog, and as soon as you get to the page, you’re greeted by a lovely newsletter signup inviting you to provide your email address in exchange for the latest turtle facts and updates. You’re immediately left hunting for the close button or trying to click in the small portion around the banner before you can get to the content you’re looking for. Once you’ve fought with this pop up for a solid 5 seconds (if you haven’t already left the page), you’re disappointed to find out that you can’t really teach a turtle to roll over, and you leave in defeat.

Thanks to Google’s new algorithm update, sites that feature these annoying pop ups on mobile devices are going to be demoted and receive less priority in search results than their non-intrusive counterparts.

Why does this matter for our clients?

This is great news for everybody involved, and also something to keep in mind moving forward with web design. If you’ve been looking into a new website for yourself and have been thinking of ways to market it a bit more, keep in mind that pop ups, if obtrusive, can have a negative effect on your site’s Google ranking.

For more info on exactly how this update will affect sites, you can read the full article here.

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