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If you own a business, you need to have a website. Period. In today’s increasingly web based world, everybody turns to the internet as their first source of information. Whether checking the news, weather, or your favorite sports teams, you’re destined to find all the information you’re looking for on the internet. If you own your own business, and you haven’t got your own website yet, you’re missing out. Considering the large volume of traffic that visits websites these days, if you aren’t advertising online, you’re missing a very vital demographic from your client base. In this post, I’ve compiled what I consider to be the top 5 reasons to get yourself (or your business) on the web today.


1 ) More Americans use internet than cable

According to the National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA), only 56.4 million Americans subscribed to cable television in 2012 (source). This is actually a significant drop since 2001, which represented a peak cable subscription era (a total of 66.9 million Americans were subscribed at this time). Based on this, you can clearly see cable subscriptions are on the downfall.

This raises a very important question: Why are less people subscribing to cable yearly? The answer is actually extremely obvious: the internet is phasing out cable. More and more young adults in America are using the internet as their only source of information, and aren’t bothering to sign up for a cable subscription. Whether it be streaming the latest TV shows, listening to your favorite music, or checking recent stocks, everything can be done much more efficiently through the internet.

When you compare 2012 cable subscriptions in the US to internet subscriptions, the results are clear: internet holds a much larger market share. In 2012, 273.9 million Americans had internet access, and this number has been growing since. This is almost 5 times the reach of cable television.

Internet vs. cable subscribers

When comparing the cost of a 30 second TV ad spot against the cost of a fully completed, updatable WordPress website installation, it’s extraordinarily clear that a website will save you more money both in the short and long terms, and provide you with a much more comprehensive informational outlet for your business. When coupled with a thorough search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, a website will lead to higher quality client leads in a higher abundance than a TV ad spot.

2 ) You can adapt your advertisement to fit your business

Unlike other advertising means, such as cable, radio, and billboards, you can keep your website up to date with all of your latest content. When you purchase a commercial on a popular network TV station, you submit your commercial and pay a certain amount of money in exchange for a certain amount of air time. Your commercial is a fixed advertisement, and you can’t update or tweak anything about it without creating and submitting an entirely new commercial.

When you purchase a website, you have the option of having a Content Management System (CMS) installed. When you have a CMS installed, it allows you to update certain parts of your website without knowing how to program or needing any technical knowledge. For example, if your business moves up the street, you can easily change your address and contact info using the CMS. Maybe a member of your team has moved on to another business. You can update your about page and easily remove them from your “team” section.

CMS’ allow you to add and remove pages, change your site’s navigation, post to your Twitter or Facebook, and more! The possibilities are absolutely endless. When compared to other advertisement media, it quickly becomes obvious that the maintainability of a website far outweighs the alternative.

3 ) You control who you reach

As mentioned above, a thorough SEO campaign will help tailor your site to high quality leads. By hiring a professional SEO firm to handle your online marketing, you can tailor your site to reach your clients directly. For around the same cost, you can move your site up the rankings for local listings only, or if you prefer, you can target a national level. Even if that’s not enough, thanks to the broadness of the internet, you can take your site to a global level. The idea behind SEO is that you tailor your content and your marketing strategy to the clientele that you want to work with.

Our commercial doesn't reach the entire United States? You've gotta be kitten me

Thought Space Designs is different from other Pittsburgh design firms because we offer proven search engine optimization as a service. Using different tactics, we can help you reach your target audience by building a successful SEO campaign. By targeting different geographic regions, you can also greatly increase the number of visitors that turn into genuine quality leads.

A lot of people fail to realize the value of a SEO campaign, and this leads to dead websites and clients that feel like it’s pointless to own your own website. After all, purchasing a website without an SEO campaign is like purchasing a commercial without airtime. We aim to help people everywhere realize that with a little effort and some SEO, a website can be the best investment their business ever makes.

Still not convinced?

If you still aren’t convinced that you need a website for your business, use our LiveChat in the bottom right corner, or any of the methods on our contact page to get in touch with us, and we’ll help clear any uncertainties you may have. We design websites, install CMS’, and even offer search engine optimization in order to help you build a successful online advertising campaign, rather than just paying an exorbitant amount of money for a low quality site. Let us help take your business to a new level with our online marketing services today!

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