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Client FAQ, Web Design

“My website works just fine. I don’t need anything fancy, it just needs to work!”

If you already have a website set up and running for your business, you may think that it’s done and you can just let it exist while drawing in potential customers from the depths of the internet. Having a site is great and it definitely makes it easier for clients to find you! However if your site has been around for a while, its age might show – and that ultimately reflects on your business.

Just like art and fashion, graphic design trends change all the time, and it can be difficult to constantly keep your site ahead of the design curve. You can, however, create a site with a more timeless look and feel that stands up to the changing tides of design much better than one that follows a fleeting fad. Many designers nowadays are taking a much more simplistic approach to designing websites. These designs often use photography and minimal graphics to add flair to their overall design. The benefit here is that the photography and graphics can be updated fairly easily over time, rather than remodeling the entire site layout and design. The same layout can be used for a long time as long as the images are kept new and fresh. Clients will remain familiar with the look and feel of your site, but they will see new and exciting content as you change the imagery!

What’s Wrong With an Old Looking Website?

An older looking or outdated site design can say a lot of things about your business that you don’t necessarily want to say. Older sites are often seen as untrustworthy because they make the company look like they don’t care about the outward appearance of their business. Another thing it can say about your business is that you’re not doing well. If you don’t take the time to keep your brand consistent and up to date, customers may think that you’re not focused on your business or it’s not doing too well at the time. Consumers are used to fresh brands popping up seemingly every day, so they are used to seeing new design and what is considered current in the branding industry. If your site doesn’t live up to the visual expectations of your customers, it can be much harder to convince them that your services are valuable.

Won’t Staying “Up to Date” Make My Site Look Like Everyone Else’s?

One might think that having their site updated will make it look like all the other websites on the internet. With some designers, this can be true. While a design style is trending, it can be very easy for a designer to fall into an effective routine that is easy to put together for their clients. This is effective for the designer, but can sometimes leave the business owner wanting more out of their brand. The key is to work with each new business owner as an individual, unique client. When we start a website redesign at Thought Space, we go through a client discovery process that lets us know what kind of style you like and how we can adapt that to modern standards. We always work with a company’s unique style and come up with a website design that fits it, rather than trying to squeeze their brand into a predefined site template.

Does a Redesign Just Make My Site Look Better?

No! It can make your website work better as well! Having your website redesigned can create an opportunity to touch up a range of other areas of your site. If your site is pretty old, it may be built in a way that makes it near impossible to keep the content updated. During the redesign process, we have the chance to rebuild it from the ground up on something more efficient – like a content management system that will allow you to easily update your content whenever you need.

A Redesign Can Help You Reach More Customers

At Thought Space, we also build all of our clients websites to be fully mobile responsive. This means that your site will be viewable on nearly every device and screen size there is! With the smartphone and tablet market booming, imagine how many potential customers you aren’t reaching if your site can’t be easily viewed on their device of choice.

A Redesign Can Include Updated Functionality

A redesign of your site also presents the opportunity to reconsider how your business functions online. A redesign can include adding features and functionality to your site that can help boost business and make your customers’ lives easier.

You could be a brick & mortar shop owner whose site is currently just an online brochure about your shop. We can rebuild your site to include an online shop (eCommerce) that allows you to take payment via PayPal – or even credit cards right on the site.

Maybe you’re a photographer who wants their customers to book a shoot right on your site. We can rebuild your site to include a scheduling calendar that does just that.

You might even be an artist who needs to be able to upload new portfolio samples of your work. With your old site, you had to contact your developer to place the images in the code for you. We can include an easy to update gallery on your website.

Does Your Website Need a Makeover?

Thought Space Designs is extremely well versed in website redesigns, and we can absolutely help your company’s site look like new! You can view our web design portfolio to see many of our projects that include a redesign of an old, outdated site.

Don’t have a site yet? No worries! We build sites from scratch too! Check out some of our clients’ who started their business with Thought Space behind their design:

Cecilia’s Main St. Tattoo Gallery

Hyde House

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